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Thinking outside the (state) lines?

We encourage you to consider using our state to state services, especially for regional trips. In what often amounts to little (if any) more time than traveling via air & car rental, we can get you to places such as New Orleans, Savannah, Destin, and Myrtle Beach. Furthermore, our services are often more affordable than other means of travel, especially for groups of 6 or more. Complete with personalized stops, services and expertise tailored to your travel needs and inclinations, you'll be glad we worked together on your next getaway.

We've listed a few of our favorite places below to get the wheels turning. Of course, we're happy to help you experience them to the fullest. We're also happy to explore other options of interest to you. It's never too early to start planning your next getaway. Contact us and let the journey begin!


Escape to the Cape

Along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River in southeast Missouri is a gem of a town waiting to welcome you. Home to roughly 40k inhabitants, Cape Girardeau has many of the amenities that can be found in the biggest of cities, yet retains the feel of a small Midwest town. Rich in history, recreational opportunities, boutique storefronts and dining options, the Cape is perhaps the happiest of mediums in all the land! 

- Historic Sites & Tours

- Murals and sculptures galore

- Hiking, biking, golfing, swimming

- Family Friendly attractions

- Festivals & Events

- Gaming (yes, they even have a CASINO)!

- and more.....

- Drive time (from Nashville): 3 - 4 hrs

   *scenic routs optional (recommended)

- Duration: 2 -4 days

- Price: from $107 per day

*Ask about Riverfest!

Big Easy Made Easy

Needing no introduction, NOLA attracts people from all over the world. From the cuisine to the music scene, it simply doesn't get any better. With VERY LIMITED DIRECT FLIGHTS to NOLA from BNA, booking with a la Bottom Accommodations is the way to go! In exchange for what amounts to little (if any) added travel time, you'll enjoy the benefits of having a professional consultant, concierge, and chauffeur working for you (up to 14hrs a day)! What's more? The AFFORDABILITY! 

- Drive time (from Nashville): 7 - 8 hrs

- Duration: 2 -4 days

- Price: from $124 per day

Pubs and bars with neon lights in the French Quarter, New Orleans USA.jpg
Savannah, Georgia, USA bars and restaurants on River Street..jpg

Simply Savannah

You've probably heard Savannah is peachy keen, but have you been? If so, you're probably ready to go back! Chances are there's more for you to explore. If you've not yet been, it's high time we get you there. Discover for yourself (with our help) how and why Savannah has charmed people for over 300 years! Hint: it's absolutely beautiful and the people there are sweeter than the tea ;-).

- Enchanting Cobblestone Riverwalk

- Stunning Live Oak & Spanish Moss 

- Picturesque Town Squares

- World Famous Cemeteries​

- Antebellum Architecture

- Historic Sites & Tours

- Top Notch Cuisine

- Vibrant Nightlife

- Island Access

- and more...

- Drive time (from Nashville): 7 - 10 hrs

   *scenic routs optional (recommended): 


- Duration: 3 - 4 days

- Price: from $114 per day

You See DC

To be free while you see DC can be challenging, to say the least! Though public transit, taxis and rideshare services are available in our nations capital, they can be rather 'interesting' and awfully expensive. Finding and paying for parking there is no fun either. In booking with a la Bottom Accommodations, you'll appreciate the comfort and convenience of having our services readily available throughout your stay. In addition to being your ride to, through and from DC, we're happy to help make reservations, book tours, run errands and more.

- Drive time (from Nashville): 9.5 - 11 hrs

   *scenic routs optional (recommended)

- Duration: 2 -4 days

- Price: from $133 per day

Destin Florida during morning sunrise.jpg

Be Our Guest in Destin

Sprinkled with increasingly accommodating towns like Destin, Pensacola, Gulf Shores and Panama City, the pan handle region of the Gulf Coast has quietly become one of the most desirable travel spots in the United States. Walks on the abundant white sugar sand make for a Caribbean like experience you'll remember and repeat. Lodging options ranging from primitive beachfront campsites to 5-star hotels grant budget friendly options for just about everyone. For utmost comfort, convenience, care and continued affordability, book your next trip with a la Bottom!

- Drive time (from Nashville): 7 - 8 hrs

   *scenic routs optional (recommended)

- Duration: 3 - 5 days

- Price: from $114 per day

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Scenic Sunset Landscape vacation getaway destination -

Never Bashful, Asheville

Though home to less than 100,000 people, Asheville, NC is visited by close to 10,000,000 travelers each year! Why? Well, for starters the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, home to numerous state and national parks (Mount Mitchell, Pisgah, Great Smokies, ...), provide world-class outdoor recreation of all sorts. Back in town, vacationers are often enthralled by the vibrant cultural and artistic experiences that abound. Live entertainment, festivals, museums of all sorts, historical points of interest and top-notch dining options are ever present. In the comfort of a subtropical climate that rarely exceeds 90 degrees, you'll be thinking of your next trip to Asheville before you even leave! Allow us to help you make it happen.

- Drive time (from Nashville): 4.5 - 6 hrs

*scenic routs optional (recommended)

- Duration: 2 -4 days

- Price: from $107 per day

Asheville, North Carolina, USA at twilight..jpg
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